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LAX VOX® is the voice exercise for the care, training and healing of the voice. It has become an indispensable part of singing lessons and voice therapy.
In this workout, we train a healthy, powerful voice with LAX VOX®. This is especially good after or during a cold and keeps the healthy voice flexible and fit.
You can find out more about LAX VOX® at

In this workout I show weekly in a different way:
LAX VOX® Basics: Exercises for relaxation and tension regulation of the voice
LAX VOX®Voice Training: exercises for vocal fold closure, voice control, flexibility
LAX VOX® Singers Training: exercises on range, the “inaudible” transition, height and depth
You need: A LAX VOX® tube (–> ), a 0,5 l bottle, which is a little less than half filled with water and a quiet place where nobody will disturb you for 45 minutes.
NOTE: In this work-out I will not go into the background of LAX VOX®. I offer a LAX VOX®-Mini-Introduction-Workshop especially for this purpose. So if you have any questions about the physics and the mode of operation, sign up for the workshop.

You should know this BEFORE you book:

Right now I am working on an english version of this website. Right now I have no english application form. Just fill in as usual: Fullname, Address, Email and so on. If you need my help write me an Email and I guide you through:

REGISTRATION: Registration for this event is possible until 15h on the day of the event.
ZOOM: Then I close the registration and send the zoom link (60 min. before the start). Zoom is a free software that you can download before the event. Please test Zoom before the event. It works best on a laptop or computer. There is also an app for the smartphone or tablet.

You didn’t receive a link? Then check your spam folder or send me an email to

RECORDING: The session will be recorded. 30 Min.-2 hrs. after the event you will receive the link by mail. The recording can be watched but not downloaded 24 hours after receiving the link. After that time the link will become invalid. The workouts are meant for you to participate. It is about the moment and the experience of your own voice. If you can’t be there in person, you can watch it within the 24 hours.




(Dienstag) 16:00 - 16:45

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I'm sorry, but for now the following registration-process is only available in german. I am working on that. It tells you to enter your InVoice Details, Name, Address, E-Mail and so on. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me:

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